Donna Carncross, P.T.A.

Donna Carncross

Donna Carncross PTA received her Associates Degree in Applied Science-Physical Therapy Assistant from Kellogg Community College in 1988. She has been Board Certified in Indiana since 1989, and will be in Michigan with new legislation.  She is our veteran at MSU Rehabilitation Medicine Clinic, being here since 1991, working with some Osteopathic Greats such as Dr. Philip Greenman and Dr. Stanton.  In her years at this eclectic clinic she has had a variety of clients and special interests such as TBI, chronic pain, Manual therapy, vestibular rehabilitation, and cardiac/pulmonary rehab. "The best thing I like about my job is facilitating patients to help better themselves physically by the way of education, improving overall function and giving them hope and guidelines to be carried over into their daily lives." But if she is a little grumpy in the late afternoon, just offer her some chocolate and she will perk right up.


Espertise: Neck pain or conditions - Shoulder pain or conditions - Post-surgery recovery - Orthopaedic diagnosis