Kathleen Stephens, P.T.

Kathleen Stephens

Katie Stephens is a graduate from Loma Linda University in sunny California. In 1984, she got the incredible opportunity to serve on the Olympic Medical Staff for the Summer Olympics in Los Angeles. Though she moved from California to Michigan, she continued to brush shoulders with famous athletes by serving as a physical therapy consultant for Olympic-level athletes and more importantly for our legendary MSU athletes. Her background demonstrates a wide variety including rheumatology, wound care and fitness/wellness, however, her main focus has always been sports and outpatient orthopedics. She is an accredited McConnell Practitioner, trained in Medical Exercise Therapy and Certified Instructor in Authentic Pilates through the NY Studio. She enjoys working with a variety of patients from those who are recovering from injuries or surgery to patients who are dealing with chronic problems. Katie loves to combine all the different treatment approaches she’s learned through her years of physical therapy expertise to come up with unique, effective treatment plans for each of her patients.


Expertise: Manual therapy — Functional foot orthotics — Biomedical evaluation and exercise — McConnell taping strategies — Kinesiotaping — Sports injuries — Gary Gray 3D Maps — Medical Exercise Therapy — Classical Pilates