Individualized Programs for Athletes

Every body is unique. Get the most out of your training with programs from MSU Rehabilitation and Spartan Performance that focus on your body’s specific individual needs.



Functional Movement System Testing/ACL report card

Find and assess your body’s weaknesses, imbalances, and asymmetries that increase the risk of injury with FMS testing, then work with professionals to learn targeted exercises to improve these problem areas. Use the ACL report card to effectively communicate to your surgeon your progress to return to sport. Based on current research, our MSU PT staff can provide immediate feedback to inform and motivate you to a more comprehensive recovery and focused return to sport program.

$90 per 50-minute sessions

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Download ACL functional test form


One-On-One Core Stability and Stretching

Improve your core and stretching routine by working with an experienced health care professional to modify and identify specific exercises for you and your fitness goals.

$45 for a 25-minute session
$90 for a 50-minute session

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Blood Flow Restriction Therapy

With the use of a personalized tourniquet system, Blood Flow Restriction (BFR) Therapy can be used with lower intensity exercises for people unable to perform high levels of exertion in adjunct to routine exercise (i.e. walking or resistance therapy). It can be used for strength training, endurance training and recovery.

$45 for a 25-minute session

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Lymphedema Manual lymph drainage & bandaging review

Review the techniques that improved your measurements one-on-one with your Certified Lymphedema Therapist while you are free from recurrence or exacerbation.

$45 for a 25-minute session

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Relax with a massage to help refresh and invigorate your training.
Traditional Soft Tissue Massage (in development)
Instrument-Aided Soft Tissue Massage
Using the Graston technique, a trained professional will use instruments to better identify and treat soft tissue issues.

$30 for a 25-minute session
$60 for a 50-minute session

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More programs from Spartan Performance

Return to Play Programs

Often time’s exceptional progress is made during physical therapy, but upon completion there is still a gap between the shape we are in and where we should be upon returning safely to sport. Spartan Performance offers return to play programs for upper extremity complications (Tommy Johns, rotator cuff surgery, etc.) along with lower body injuries (ACL tear, meniscus rupture etc). Using a coordinated effort between your MSU Rehabilitation professional and Spartan Performance programs are created based on individual needs to address specific target areas as you transition from your rehabilitation program and return to sport.

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alterG treadmill training

This specialized treadmill unloads the body and allows you to increase your training volume while reducing the impact on your joints.  Run like you are flying through space on this NASA inspired treadmill.

Cost $15 per 30 minute session; Punch card for 10 sessions $100. Frequent users will need to purchase shorts from manufacturer for use.

Hours Monday-Thursday 5:30-7:00 (appointments 5:30, 6:00, 6:30) and Friday 4:00-5:30 (4:00, 4:30, 5:00).

Call 517.884.6133 to schedule.


*free 10 minute trial offered, call Spartan Performance to schedule. No need to purchase shorts for free trial.*